Kohl’s Holiday Ad Celebrates Family With Gay Couple

Kohl’s released a new ad “Celebrate Togetherness” just before the holiday season, and it features a gay couple apparently making a big announcement at Thanksgiving dinner.

It was posted on their official YouTube page with a description that reads: “The best of the holidays? Being together with family and friends of course!”

According to executive vice president of marketing Will Setliff, Kohl’s new #AllTogetherNow campaign “focuses on how Kohl’s is bringing modern families together in unexpected ways.”

The ad shows a diverse family preparing a holiday meal together in a bustling kitchen. As they sit down to dinner, a handsome gay couple shares a toast that, from the looks of it, might be celebrating an engagement.

Kohl’s will also put a “storytelling pop-up truck” in Times Square November 20 and 21. The company says that the truck will allow families or individuals to “share their family traditions via social media.”

Watch the video below:

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IKEA Germany Released a Christmas Ad Starring Gay Couple Kissing

IKEA Germany features a kiss between two men in their latest Christmas advert.

A gay male couple who come to Christmas dinner sneak a quick peck on the cheek. Although, the kiss is pretty subtle and can easily be missed if not watching carefully. But there is nothing that our eye can’t catch when it comes to this subject.

Watch the video carefully to notice it:

This is not the first time IKEA has used gay couples in their advertising. It first introduced same-sex couples over twenty years ago, back in 1994. However, the 1994 advert was released in the U.S., and it was not tolerated, and resulted in some stores receiving bomb threats.

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Two Gay Dads Sharing Story of Their Fatherhood

The couple shared their story with “Gays With Kids” – an organisation designed to help gay dads and to encourage other gay men to navigate fatherhood.

The couple have opened up about coming out and starting a new family. They said that they desperately wanted to have children while still young, so they made a difficult decision to start a family with a women. Even though they knew they were gay.

Donovan Gutierrez and his fiancé Eric Alvarado, were already fathers when they met each other. They have a child of their own from previous relationships.

Like most cases like this, neither marriage lasted, so they both ended up divorced.

Gutierrez stated: “It becomes difficult, especially when it comes to communication. My parents still argue and they’ve divorced for 30 years.”

They met each other online, and after a while , Alvarado moved to California to be with Gutierrez.

Gutierrez’s 10-year-old son, Desi, at one moment asked them: “Why don’t you make it official?”

So they did make it official, with a full support of Desi.

Donovan and Alvarado said: “We wanted a traditional family per se. I’m really looking forward to it. The way I’m looking at it, we’re starting from step one.”

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Gay Black Couple in New Hip Hop Reality Show

While gay characters and actors are becoming more commonplace on mainstream TV and film, hip hop is one of the last bastions for homophobia in the entertainment industry and its hoped by showing the lives and struggles of Christopher and Brock.

VH1’s new season of Hip Hop reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, features two new rapping hopefuls – Milan Christopher and Miles Brock – a gay black couple.

Mona Scott-Young, Love and Hip Hop’s executive producer and CEO of Monami Entertainment told the LA Times depicting a same sex relationship on the show was long overdue.

“We’ve had same-sex relationships happening around us since the beginning of time. But somehow we tiptoe around the subject and we never want to give it the same prominence and visibility as we do heterosexual relationships. Here was an opportunity to do something that was reflective of our time.”

“In this world we are a minority and [some people] don’t like it,” Brock told the LA Times. “It’s hard. Being a black man, in hip hop and religious, I have so many strikes against me … all these hurdles.”

Scott-Young hopes Christopher and Brock’s involvement on Love & Hip Hop can change the views of the black community on what it means to be same-sex attracted.

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WATCH: Gay Marriage Proposal on Beijing Subway

A viral video showing a young man proposing to his male partner on a busy Beijing subway has attracted thousands of comments debating same-sex marriage rights – and is moving the conversation about marriage equality forward.

As usual, I was taking the subway home, but contrary to what I was expecting, I encountered a couple’s love,” said the video’s uploader.

I think this is really incredible.”

The video shows a man kneeling beside his partner, saying how he invites both people he knows and doesn’t know to bear witness to his proposal. “I’ll be loving you for the rest of my life,” he told him.

Passengers react in various ways, with some saying “kiss him, kiss him” and others calling them “disgusting” or “sinful”.

The man’s partner says “yes” and his now-fiancé gives him a watch. The subway carriage erupts into loud applause.

The video was uploaded to Chinese social media giant Weibo, where it got several thousand views and shares, plus hundreds of comments.

The viral video shows how attitudes to same-sex partnerships are changing in China, especially among youth. There were still a few negative comments, but the wave of support for the couple was clear, and brilliant to see.

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WATCH: 7 Celebrity Aided Gay Proposals

All you need is love, and celebrities are here to support it. Here are 7 proposals aided by celebrities.


Madonna offered her microphone to a gay couple, for a very special proposal. She paused her Rebel Heart Tour in Canada for this.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Degeneres welcomed a gay couple from Florida, Benjamin and Justin, up on the stage.


With his song “Same Love”, he inspired people around the world. That’s why these two couples thought it would be the perfect moment.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga paused her concert last year in Manchester Arena to help a man propose to his boyfriend. He got down on one knee, in front of 21,000 people.


On this picture, Kesha is ordaining her hairdresser friend’s wedding. She also officiated two same sex weddings.

Kylie Minogue

This brave man waited for three years for the perfect moment to propose to his boyfriend, on stage with Kylie Minogue.

Mariah Carey

This guy’s boyfriend told him: “You can’t marry me until I have met Mariah Carey.”

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson crashes wedding, as this couple ties the knot as part of the Human Rights Campaign – #TurnItUpForChange

The Grammys

Memorable moment in the Grammys 2014, when Madonna, Macklemore and Queen Latifa came together to marry 33 loving couples. Both gay and straight couples were there to celebrate that day, in front of millions of viewers all over the world.

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WATCH: Day in the life of two gay dads

This video clearly presents gay families are just like everybody else.

“Gays With Kids’” support group created the film that captures the average weekend routine for a beautiful New York based gay family. This video starred couple Corey and Rocco, and their young son Forge.

Their typical Sunday routine starts with breakfast, and then going for “indoor and outdoor play time”.

In the day’s highlight, they are visiting Forge’s grandparents house, where they can play with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

After a home-cooked meals, the family packs and head back home for bath time and bed. Just like any other family.

“Gays With Kids” is providing support for men considering fatherhood and for gay dads.

The founders of “Gays With Kids” said that videos like this can encourage other gay men to start a family, and also to help “normalise” the idea of LGBT families. This video gives insights to both gay and straight people.

Many gay men that were inspired by this video, sent hundreds of messages of support and love to the “Gays With Kids”, to express their gratitude.

One of the viewers said: “What a lovely family you’ve got guys, so happy for you.”

And another said: “This is one beautiful video. I cried a little bit because of it.”



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