WATCH: Day in the life of two gay dads

This video clearly presents gay families are just like everybody else.

“Gays With Kids’” support group created the film that captures the average weekend routine for a beautiful New York based gay family. This video starred couple Corey and Rocco, and their young son Forge.

Their typical Sunday routine starts with breakfast, and then going for “indoor and outdoor play time”.

In the day’s highlight, they are visiting Forge’s grandparents house, where they can play with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

After a home-cooked meals, the family packs and head back home for bath time and bed. Just like any other family.

“Gays With Kids” is providing support for men considering fatherhood and for gay dads.

The founders of “Gays With Kids” said that videos like this can encourage other gay men to start a family, and also to help “normalise” the idea of LGBT families. This video gives insights to both gay and straight people.

Many gay men that were inspired by this video, sent hundreds of messages of support and love to the “Gays With Kids”, to express their gratitude.

One of the viewers said: “What a lovely family you’ve got guys, so happy for you.”

And another said: “This is one beautiful video. I cried a little bit because of it.”



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