Gay Black Couple in New Hip Hop Reality Show

While gay characters and actors are becoming more commonplace on mainstream TV and film, hip hop is one of the last bastions for homophobia in the entertainment industry and its hoped by showing the lives and struggles of Christopher and Brock.

VH1’s new season of Hip Hop reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, features two new rapping hopefuls – Milan Christopher and Miles Brock – a gay black couple.

Mona Scott-Young, Love and Hip Hop’s executive producer and CEO of Monami Entertainment told the LA Times depicting a same sex relationship on the show was long overdue.

“We’ve had same-sex relationships happening around us since the beginning of time. But somehow we tiptoe around the subject and we never want to give it the same prominence and visibility as we do heterosexual relationships. Here was an opportunity to do something that was reflective of our time.”

“In this world we are a minority and [some people] don’t like it,” Brock told the LA Times. “It’s hard. Being a black man, in hip hop and religious, I have so many strikes against me … all these hurdles.”

Scott-Young hopes Christopher and Brock’s involvement on Love & Hip Hop can change the views of the black community on what it means to be same-sex attracted.

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