Kohl’s Holiday Ad Celebrates Family With Gay Couple

Kohl’s released a new ad “Celebrate Togetherness” just before the holiday season, and it features a gay couple apparently making a big announcement at Thanksgiving dinner.

It was posted on their official YouTube page with a description that reads: “The best of the holidays? Being together with family and friends of course!”

According to executive vice president of marketing Will Setliff, Kohl’s new #AllTogetherNow campaign “focuses on how Kohl’s is bringing modern families together in unexpected ways.”

The ad shows a diverse family preparing a holiday meal together in a bustling kitchen. As they sit down to dinner, a handsome gay couple shares a toast that, from the looks of it, might be celebrating an engagement.

Kohl’s will also put a “storytelling pop-up truck” in Times Square November 20 and 21. The company says that the truck will allow families or individuals to “share their family traditions via social media.”

Watch the video below:

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