Two Gay Dads Sharing Story of Their Fatherhood

The couple shared their story with “Gays With Kids” – an organisation designed to help gay dads and to encourage other gay men to navigate fatherhood.

The couple have opened up about coming out and starting a new family. They said that they desperately wanted to have children while still young, so they made a difficult decision to start a family with a women. Even though they knew they were gay.

Donovan Gutierrez and his fiancé Eric Alvarado, were already fathers when they met each other. They have a child of their own from previous relationships.

Like most cases like this, neither marriage lasted, so they both ended up divorced.

Gutierrez stated: “It becomes difficult, especially when it comes to communication. My parents still argue and they’ve divorced for 30 years.”

They met each other online, and after a while , Alvarado moved to California to be with Gutierrez.

Gutierrez’s 10-year-old son, Desi, at one moment asked them: “Why don’t you make it official?”

So they did make it official, with a full support of Desi.

Donovan and Alvarado said: “We wanted a traditional family per se. I’m really looking forward to it. The way I’m looking at it, we’re starting from step one.”

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