WATCH: 7 Celebrity Aided Gay Proposals

All you need is love, and celebrities are here to support it. Here are 7 proposals aided by celebrities.


Madonna offered her microphone to a gay couple, for a very special proposal. She paused her Rebel Heart Tour in Canada for this.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Degeneres welcomed a gay couple from Florida, Benjamin and Justin, up on the stage.


With his song “Same Love”, he inspired people around the world. That’s why these two couples thought it would be the perfect moment.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga paused her concert last year in Manchester Arena to help a man propose to his boyfriend. He got down on one knee, in front of 21,000 people.


On this picture, Kesha is ordaining her hairdresser friend’s wedding. She also officiated two same sex weddings.

Kylie Minogue

This brave man waited for three years for the perfect moment to propose to his boyfriend, on stage with Kylie Minogue.

Mariah Carey

This guy’s boyfriend told him: “You can’t marry me until I have met Mariah Carey.”

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson crashes wedding, as this couple ties the knot as part of the Human Rights Campaign – #TurnItUpForChange

The Grammys

Memorable moment in the Grammys 2014, when Madonna, Macklemore and Queen Latifa came together to marry 33 loving couples. Both gay and straight couples were there to celebrate that day, in front of millions of viewers all over the world.

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